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This is your chance to get closer than ever!

All our experiences are one-to-one with a professional zoo-keeper, who works every day with endangered species. This is the closest you can get to endangered animals in natural surroundings, alongside keepers who know them well, understand their needs and have a wonderful rapport with them. 

And your experience makes a difference, because all fees support conservation work.

Available at almost any time - and 363 days a year, at a date to suit you.

And with any species - it's your choice!

Our most popular experience during 2015 has been 'Be A Keeper' - two hours of one-to-one, behind the scenes with an amazingly knowledgeable keeper who shares his deep knowledge and love for the species in his care with you on an individual basis.

To book one of our amazing experiences please call us on 01646 651201 / email or use our contact form AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

Be a Keeper
  • be a keeper

Try out your dream job! Care for endangered animals....

The Manor House keepers are so good, so knowledgeable, people say they should be bottled! Work alongside them, behind the scenes feeding and caring for the stars of the Park. Meet the happy bunch and see how Manor House works for conservation and sustainability. (Excludes Rhinos).

2 hrs. 1 person £75. 2 people £150.

Look A Rhino In the Eye
  • look a rhino in the eye

A real, hands-on, behind the scenes visit to the Rhinos.

The Manor House Rhinos are a friendly bunch, and they enjoy human contact. See a rhino's bedroom, the layout of their state-of-the-art house, and work with the keepers to care for these young fellas...

30mins. £100.

Meet the Species
  • meet the species

Get up close and personal with your favourite species! Get the inside track on Steve and Lisa, meet Rio the coolest tapir in Wales, hang out with the meerkats...!

Choose from Meerkats, Gibbons, Tapirs.

30 mins. £50

Hire a Keeper

A great way for groups to get the most from a visit is to hire a keeper to tour the Park with you. Find out more, learn more!

1 hour £60. 2 hours £100.

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